Footprint 500

Aiding Walking with Brandon in uplifting the physically disabled community with dependable, monthly donations from member brands and individuals.

Footprint 500 is our reinvention of giving. Simply put, it is a debit-order based donations programme, whereby interested brands and individuals sign-up, becoming certified members in the process. The programme is designed to make donating simple, seamless and manageable for givers, while making donations reliable and dependable for our patients.

We envision a Footprint 500 certification equalling a ‘Fair Trade’ badge in terms of public goodwill, and consumers will enthusiastically seek out and support member brands. The goal is to have Footprint 500 rolled out on a national level, effectively creating a web of partners financially empowering the South African disabled community.

How it works

The system is based on 5 levels of certification which correspond with the number of years you agree to become a member. You can pay a monthly debit order of R500, or in yearly lump sums of R6000 (R500 x 12 months) per year. Signing up is simple: fill in your details on our debit order authorisation form – indicating for which period you intend to sign on for – and sign our Memorandum of Undertaking, and you’re an official member of Footprint 500. Once you’ve completed the above, we will issue you with your certificate, physically and digitally. The 5 levels of certification work as follows:

  • Blue: 12 months’ worth (R6 000) of R500 donations.
  • Bronze: 24 months’ worth (R12 000) of R500 donations.
  • Silver: 36 months’ worth (R18 000) of R500 donations.
  • Gold: 48 months’ worth (R24 000) of R500 donations.
  • Platinum: 60 months’ worth (R30 000) of R500 donations.

Let’s say you sign up as a Silver member. After signing the MoU, and either after your debit-order authorisation clears or your transfer of R18 000 is successful, you will be issued with a Silver-level certification, in addition to Blue and Bronze. Should you decide to opt-out for any reason, WWB reserves the right to withdraw your name or brand from the programme and remove your certification.


As a member of Footprint 500

You will be part of an exciting new initiative at the grassroots level, one that empowers the disabled community in South Africa by breathing life into non-profit activism with a new way to donate, and your association with us will strengthen your brand’s image. You have a convenient yet impactful avenue for your organisation’s Corporate Social Responsibility or Investment portfolio, with little-to-no active administration required after the sign-up process.

You may be eligible for a deduction from taxable income, as WWB is registered as a Public Benefit Organisation with Section 18A approval, which entitles certain donations made by taxpayers to tax deductions